27th July 2016

Board 2
Dealer E
NS Vul

This hand from the duplicate at Glenfield provoked debate as to whether it is better to play in a 6-2 fit than a 4-4 fit. The 4-4 is generally better, because there will be more options to play the hand; i.e. ruffs can be taken in either or both hands, and, as in this case, it may be possible to escape a loser in the longer suit. In spades there are two clubs, a heart and two spades to lose, whereas only spade need be lost in hearts. On a non-club lead four hearts will make with an overtrick and four spades will make ten tricks. At most tables, South, playing Acol will open one diamond and, if West overcalls in clubs, North must decide whether to double or bid spades. Double is better as it allows the 4-4 fit to be found. If West stays silent South will rebid two diamonds and North can rebid whatever number of hearts is forcing in their system.

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